Episode 6B

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
Home, Part I 

(On Deep Space 9)
Jadzia: Hey Major. The Pheonix-X is coming through the worm hole.
Kira: Uh, finally. Where have they been?
Jadzia: They want to dock, they need repairs.
Kira: Let them in, our door is always open.

(On the Pheonix-X)
Daniel: Well it looks like we're gonna be here a couple hours. I want all personnel to keep working on the ship. You have permission to go on DS9 and do whatever only when you're off shift. But be back in time.
Aeris: I've gotta contact my ship.

(On Deeps Space 9)
(Quark's Bar)
(BOB and Commander Gotens enter)
Quark: You again. If you're not here to gamble...drink...rent a holosuite, then get out of my face.
BOB: I'm don't need a job with you.
Quark: Oh really, what did you do, join Starfleet?
BOB: Nope, I joined Starfleet. Oh wait, that's a yes.
Quark: Yeah, they really need you.
(Quark goes off to the Dabu tables)
(Captian Aeris enters)
Night: Hey Captian.
Aeris: Hi Commander. I thought you'd be on the Pheonix-X.
Night: Ah, you know me, if there's any Cholarian Shakes not replicated, I'm there.
Aeris: At a time like this, I'd think you'd want to be on alert.
Night: Heh. Sometimes I think Lieutenant Commander Armond is on the bridge more than me.
Aeris: I could teach that guy a thing or two...
Night: What?
Crowd at the Dabu Tables: Dabu!!
Night: What am I supposed to be alert about anyways?
Aeris: Don't you even know yet?
Night: What?
Aeris: The Romulans are in the war. They declared war on the Dominion a couple days ago.
Night: Really? I didn't know that yet.
Aeris: Anyways, I gotta go meet Captian Sisko. I still need to contact my ship. See ya.
(Aeris leaves)
Night: Argh!
(Night faints)

(In Ops)
(Daniel and Aeris bump into eachother in front of Sisko's office)
Daniel: I got here first.
Aeris: No, I think--
(The door opens)
Sisko: Hello Captian. Captian.
Daniel: Greetings Captian.
Aeris: Hey Captian.
Daniel: I'm sorry Captian, but I think I got here before the Captian here.
Aeris: Captian! I was here before you. Listen to me Captian.
Sisko: Okay, okay Captian...Captian.
Daniel: You're going to talk to me first Captian. Right Captian?
Sisko: Well...Captian...Captian.
Aeris: Captian, I believe this Captian is at an error.
Daniel: I think this Captian was born an error.
Sisko: Captians.
Daniel: Captian?
Aeris: Yeah Captian?
Sisko: I don't have time for this. Come inside.
(The three go into the office)
Kira: Hey, I heard that there's another Trill on the station.
Jadzia: Really?
Kira: Yup. And he already has a slug.

(In the office)
Sisko: Captian--
Aeris: Captian.
Daniel: Captian--
Sisko: Let's not start that again. Now, Captian Daniel.
Daniel: Yes Ca--
Sisko: Starfleet has orders for you to gaurd the Flortarios Sector.
(Sisko hands him an electric pad)
Daniel: The Flortarios Sector? But Flortarios III is not even a Federation planet.
Sisko: Yes but if the Dominion manage to take over that sector, they will be too close us. The Presidents and Prime Ministers have already accepted our free protection.
Daniel: No 'thank you's'?
Sisko: There are already a couple Federation ships there. Most of them are posted at the edge regions of the sector. You are the ship in command.
Daniel: Hm. Not bad. The Flortarios Sector is pretty big. I know I can handle it.
Sisko: That is all Captian Daniel. Captian Aeris, you wanted to see me?
Aeris: Ey'. Cap'n. My ship, the Xena.
Sisko: Oh yes.
(Daniel leaves)

(In DS9's sickbay)
(Commander Night Gotens wakes up)
Gotens: Ugh.
Bashir: Lay still Commander Night.
Night: Please, call me Gotens.
Bashir: Okay, please lie still Gotens.
Gotens: What happened?
Bashir: I'm still trying to figure that out. There's a chemical imbalance in your Symbiont system. Do you have any idea what it is?
Gotens: Oh Gwad. I think so. A couple weeks ago I was persuwaded to eat a cookie. Only I didn't know it had some kind of knock out chemical in it. I started having stomach cramps when I woke up from it.
Bashir: Hm.
Gotens: Doctor Lox gave me a senetive to calm down the pain. He was supposed to operate but we couldn't get to it in time. I told him later because we were docking here again. Then it was forgotten.
Bashir: Is this Doctor Lox still on your ship?
Gotens: Yeah, well he might be off duty and roaming around the Promenant. I don't really know him.
Bashir: Well I do. He's a careless Doctor that doesn't--care. He's been in trouble for this kind of stuff before. The Federation must of gave him a last chance to go back on duty.
Gotens: I never got a warning. Usually I'm the first one to know about stuff like this.
Bashir: Lay down. I'll have a talk with Captian Daniel. Meanwhile, I'm going to have to operate.
Gotens: Ugh.
(Captian Daniel enters)
Bashir: Speak of the devil.
Daniel: Actually, I'm a god. I came as soon as I heard.
Gotens: Yeah, I hear word gets around here fast.
Daniel: Why is your name Gotens now, instead of Night?
Gotens: The knock out made me rethink my life. I decided to make a few changes. My underwear is another example.
Daniel: Well I find it quite annoying. Change your name back!
Gotens: Please, sir. I'm in quite a bad condition right now.
Bashir: There's a chemical imbalance in his Symbiont system, from a chemical or drug he ate in a cookie.
Daniel: Hmm. I remember where that came from.
Gotens: The whole ship ate the cookies.
Daniel: Except I don't need to eat.
Bashir: It's going to take me a couple days to get the drug totally out of the system.
Daniel: What!? We need him though.
Bashir: I'm sorry. But it could get a lot worse.
Gotens: Don't worry Captian, I'll find a way to get back to the Pheoinx-X.
Daniel: ...Okay. Good luck. We're in the Flortarios Sector.
Gotens: The Flortarios Sector? ...Old memories, eh?
Daniel: Old memories?
Bashir: If you don't mind gentlemen. I'd like to get this underway soon.
Daniel: Right. See you later.
(Captian leaves)

(On the Pramenade)
(Captian Daniel walks down the Pramenant)
Daniel: Do to do to doo...
Odo: Uh... excuse me.
(Odo intercepts)
Daniel: Yes?
Odo: Hi.
Daniel: Hey.
Odo: Um... I was wondering...
Daniel: What?
Odo: If you'd like to link with me.
Daniel: Oh. Good for you, you keep wondering about that. See you later.
Odo: Um! Do you want to? It's very relaxing.
Daniel: Me? Link with you?
Odo: Well...why not?
Daniel: Well...you're a guy an' I'm a guy.
Odo: Oh...well that doesn't matter.
Daniel: Umm...I think it does.
Odo: When I went into the future, I linked with my future self.
Daniel: Well that's different, it was you...and you. Eu.
Odo: What?
Daniel: Bytheway. I don't like the idea of sharing all my inner thoughts, precious feelings and private experiences with other people, even if it is with the link.
Odo: Really?
Daniel: No, I'm late to my ship. Bye.
(Captian Daniel walks off)
Daniel: Hmmmmm.... maybe.
(The Captain turns around to get Odo)
Daniel Odo! Wait. Hold on!
Odo: You want to link?
Daniel: Uhhh...no. I just wanted to ask you if you wanted to come along on the mission. I need someone to talk to and regenerate with that understands me. Besides that, I need a second officer. And maybe we can consider that link.
Odo: I don't know. I'll have to talk to Captain Sisko first.
Daniel: Great! If you are able to go, we are leaving in 10:00 hours. Be at docking bay 16.
Odo: Okay.

(On the Pheonix-X)
Kugo: Okay, realign couplink 42 to frequency 1.5.
Billy: Okay.....done.
Kugo: Great. I believe the whole ship should have all the systems operating with the power of a starbase. Thanks to that cloud.
(Captain beams on to the transporter room and goes to the bridge. It is 09:50 hours.)
(On the Bridge)
Daniel: The ship couldn't have looked better. Too bad the Commander can't bewith us.
Ensign Dan: Now it's my chance to be promoted. Oh Captain.
Daniel: Yes Ensign?
Ensign Dan: I have cleaned out your cups in your quarters. I have also went into the Starfleet logs and corrected the spelling and grammer errors.
Daniel: What?!!!!!! I can't believe you did this. You entered a quarter that doesn't belong to you without consent. And let alone, they were my quarters. You probably used the wrong soap. Then you went into classified files and corrected the spelling. You do not know how much trouble you are in. You are
Ensign Dan: Jeez......I was just trying to help.
Daniel: You helped enough. Dismissed.
Ensign Dan: My chance down the drain.
Pheonix-X log enteries...
*Daniel: 09:56 hours and still no Odo...
(On the Bridge)
Daniel: I guess Odo is not going to join me. There goes my second officer.
*Odo: Odo to Captain Daniel.
Daniel: Daniel here.
*Odo: I have permission to go.
Daniel: Okay, get to beam over........Transporter room 3, beam Odo over.
*Kayl: Okay.
Daniel: Red, it's time to go now. Is every personal accounted for.
Red: The commander is not aboard.
Daniel: He is not coming this time.
Red: Then there is BOB.
Daniel: Okay. Locate him then.
Red: He is in Quark's bar.
Daniel: Open a channel.
Red: Open.
Daniel: BOB, it's time to go. Get to a transporter room and get over here.
*BOB: Okay. Coming sir. BOB out.
Red: Captain, everyone is aboard.
Daniel: That's great. Take us out at half impulse.

(On Deep Space 9)
(In Sickbay)
Bashir: There. All fixed.
Gotens: That was fast. Gosh. Now I can get back on the ship in time. Night to Captain Daniel. Respond. Where is he? Computer, locate Captain Daniel X.
*Computer: He is no longer on Deep Space Nine.
Gotens: Where is he?
*Computer: He is left on the ship Pheonix-X at 10:00 hours.
Gotens: I have to catch up with them. Hmmmmm....I don't think Captain won't mind if I use one of his ships. I'll have to ask him first.

(Night goes to Sisko's office)
(Sisko is very busy and running around)
Sisko: What is it Commander?
Gotens: I want to--
(A pile of elctronic pads fall to the ground)
Sisko: Out with it.
Gotens: I wanted to know if I can borrow-
Sisko: --yes?
Gotens: I wanted to know if I can use one of your ships.
Sisko: Computer, where is Worf?
Gotens: Well, Captain?
Sisko: Uhhh...what were you sayi-- Uggh....nevermind, go ahead with whatever you want.
Gotens: Okay. Bye.
Sisko: Yeah yeah.
(Night goes to the docking bay)
(He sees a bunch of ships. But one catches his eye. It's the Defiant.)
Gotens: Ahhh. This looks like a nice one. I'll take this one.

(He leaves the docking bay and into space with half impulse. He then goes into warp 9.9 to catch up with the Pheonix-X's Transwarp 1 )

(On Deep Space 9)
(In Ops)
Kira: We are under attack from a Jem'hadar ship.
Sisko: Okay, everyone to the Defiant.
(Everyone goes to the Docking bay)
SIsko: Heyy!!!! Where's the ship?

(DS9 shakes from the attack)

(On Deep Space 9)
Sisko: What the hell?
Kira: It must be a small force group.
Worf: But they still pose a threat to the station.
Sisko: Send a message to any near Federation ships. Someone has hijacked the Defiant. Possibly a Dominion spy.

(On the Defiant)
Gotens: Na na na na na nana... I wonder what this ship is called. Computer. What ship is this?
*Computer: This is the U.S.S. Defiant.
(Gotens gets up and apporaches the helm.)(He stops the ship)
Gotens: What did you just say?
*Computer: This is the U.S--
Gotens: --Defiant.

(On the Xena)
Wendy: Commander, I've located the Defiant.
Wing: Ah good. Intercept.

(On the Defiant)
Gotens: Great...it's the Xena. Damn.

(The Xena approaches the Defiant and then halts)

(On the Xena)
Wing: Hail 'em.

(On the Defiant)
(Commander Wing is on screen)
*Wing: You are under arrest for stealing a Federation class ship-- Night? Night Gotens?
Gotens: Uh-- This isn't what it looks like... Oh...hi Wing.

(On the Xena)
Wendy: We are recieving an S.O.S. from Deep Space 9.
*Gotens: Hey, you're a Commander?

(On the Defiant)
*Wing: Yeah, just got promoted last week.
Gotens: Hey, I knew it was com'n, what'd I tell ya?
*Wing: You said there was no way outta it. You wouldn't believe this amazing girl I met at my promotion party. Remember Doctor Lila...?
Gotens: Lila... Oh yeah! The uncontrolable-speed-of-speach one?
*Wing: Yeah. She got the biggest b--

(On the Xena)
Mable: Commander. If we could.
Wing: Huh? Oh yeah. Commander.
*Gotens: Commander.
Wing: We are beaming you straight to the brig. Sorry, Starfleet protocals. Energize.
*Gotens: What? You didn't even give me a chance to expl--
(Commander Gotens is beamed out)

(On Deep Space 9)
Kira: The Xena has arrived....with the Defaint.
Sisko: Very good. Maintian photon torpedo burts.

(Jem'Hadar ship is destroyed by torpedo)
(Another Jem'Hadar ship monovers away from torpedo and fires on the Station)
(Jem'Hadar ship is intercepted by the Xena and is disabled by phasers)
(Defiant monovers around station and fires torpedoes at a Jem'Hadar ship.)(Jem'Hadar ship is destroyed)
(Deep Space 9 fires photon torpedoes and destroys another Jem'Hadar ship)
(Other Jem'Hadar ships retreat)

(On Deep Space 9)
Kira: Yes...run...
Worf: They are gone.
Dax: What was this attack for? It was obvious they were going to be defeated...
Sisko: That...is what I'd like to know. Sisko to Xena, is the prisoner who stole the Defiant transported to the DS9 Brig?
*Wing: Affirmative.
Aeris: Ah...my ship. Finally.

(On the Pheonix-X)
Red: Entering Flortarios Sector.
Daniel: Well...Commander Odo. What do you think? It's a beautiful place isn't it?
(The screen shows most of the sector. Sulphiruc red gasses design some background. A Blue planet floats in the mists of a meteor belt. And a sun gives highlight to the system)
Odo: Yes. I've seen many places like this...and if we link then you'll see them too.
Daniel: Uhh...Armond, how sorry do you feel for that beat up planet getting hit from all those meteors over there?
Armond: Luckily that planet over there isn't inhabited.
Daniel: Hey, there's the sun, are we in the Flortarios system?
Kayl: Uh huh.
Kayl: We're being contacted by a nearby Federation ship...the...U.S.S. Dropzone. They say to meet in the Tallahasse city on Flortarios III. There we will be debriefed on other ships info and location stratagies.
Daniel: Cool. Lieutenant Red...set a course to Flortarios III. Engage.