Episode 6A

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
The Cloud Aloft

(In the Gamma Quadrant)
(On the Pheonix-X)
Daniel: E.T.A.?
Red: 25 minutes.
(Captian paces)
Tong: Entering Dominion territory...
(Captian continues pacing)
Night: ...Y'all ready for this?

(In Engineering)
Kugo: Is the plasma still fluxing?
(Gewdeque checks view panel)
Gewdeque: Affirmative.
Kugo: Chief to Bridge. I don't know how much longer we can maintian this velocity.

(On the Bridge)
Daniel: ...Estimated time?
*Kugo: None Captian.
(In Enineering)
Kugo: The problem in the plasma is getting more wrose every second. I'm betting on a total transwarp core overload. Any time from now.

(On the Bridge)
Daniel: I can't stop the ship. We're in Dominion territory.
Night: Captian. I recommend we stop.
*Kugo: Looks like the new problem started ever since we engaged Transwarp from the planet.
Armond: We're almost out...
*Kugo: It wouldn't matter if we did stop. The problem would still persist.
Red: Captian?
Daniel: Maintian current speed.
*Kugo: Our other problem also still engages. Any moment the transwarpcore could--
(The ship shakes)
Red: We are currently on half impulse.
*Kugo: ...Give out...

(In Engineering)
Kugo: Speak of the devil.
(The ship shakes roughly)

(On the Bridge)
Armond: We are under attack from two Jem'Hadar warships.
Daniel: Uuggh. I just want to leave this Quadrant.
Night: Kugo. Can you get the transwarp drive together?
*Kugo: I don't think so sir. I have all my men working on the fluxuations.
Night: Are you getting any progress?
*Kugo: Negitive.
Night: Then get your men working on the warp drive.
*Kugo: Ey' sir.
(The ship roughly tilts left and right)
(The upper control panel explodes and Armond gets knocked out on the floor)
(The Commander checks the control panel)
Night: Weapon control is out.
(Captian checks is chair control panel)
Daniel: It's out here too.
Red: We're sitting earth ducks.

(On the first Jem'Hadar warship)
First: Fire on them again.
Second: We must retreat. Time is running out!
First: It's a Federation tatical-cruiser! If I can't have it, then I will destroy it!!

(On the Pheonix-X)
Night: If I can get to the weapons room, then maybe I can gain control.
Daniel: I'll go, you stay on the bridge. I have much more experience with weapons than you do.
(Captian leaves the bridge)
(BOB enters the bridge)
Night: Hail them.

(On the first Jem'Hadar warship)
Fourth: The Federation vessel is hailing us.
Second: Respond.
(On screen)
*Night: We are a huge warship and very ready to destroy you. Now, I'm giving you a chance to retreat and we will not persue.
First: What are you doing!? Mingling with the enemy? Terminate this frequency!
Second: We must not stay here, for it will mean our death as well as thiers.

(On the Pheonix-X)
(The screen goes out)
Night: What were they talking about?
BOB: I dunno, but it must be really important.
Armond: The other Jem'Hadar ship is retreating.

(Second Jem'Hadar ship starts leaving. Jem'Hadar ship fires torpeodo at Pheonix-X. Jem'Hadar warship leaves at warp)

(On the Jem'Hadar warship)
First: Do a full sensor sweep on thier ship. I want to know if our jamming sequence worked.

(On the Pheonix-X)
*Daniel: I can't get the weapons armed. It looks like we took a sub-electric jamming shot.
(Pheonix-X gets hit by another torpedo.)
Night: That's it.
(Night presses the control panel)

(On Jem'Hadar ship)
*Night: You really want to take us on, do you?
First: You don't have weapons, what are you going to do?

(On Pheonix-X)
Armond: They've lowered shields.

(On Jem'Hadar ship)
First: Convert raiming power to our quantum torpedo.

(On Pheonix-X)
*Daniel: Multi-vector mode.
Night: What good is that gonna do?
*Daniel: Computer, initiate multi vector seperation. Attack sequence Omega.

(The ship separates to three.)

(On Jem'Hadar warship)
First: Their ship is separating into three...?

(Pheonix-X vectors start circulating around the Jem'Hadar warship)

(On Jem'Hadar warship)
First: Oookay...
Ninth: I can't get a clear lock on any one of them!
Fourth: They've lowered thier shields.
(Bunch of Federation officers beam onto the bridge)
(They start fighting)

(On the first vector)
Armond: Commander. I'm detecting some kind of sub space inimical energy cloud...unknown.
Night: What? Where?
Armond: Five parsects away, over there, behind the Jem'Hadar ship.
BOB: That's what the Jem'Hadar were afraid of.

(A purple cloud heads towards the ships)

(On the first vector)
Night: Can we get outta here on impulse power?
Armond: Negetive.

(On second vector)
*Walace: Captian, we've got control of the Jem'Hadar warship.
Daniel: Good.
*Night: Night to all vectors. We've gotta get outta here! There's an unknown energy cloud coming this way.
Daniel: Walace, tractor the three vectors. And get us out of here!

(On the first vector)
BOB: It's too late...

(The purple smoke swallows the ships)(Then it leaves)

(On the second vector)
Daniel: No problem.

(The three vectors recombine)
(On the bridge)
(Captian enters)
*Kugo: Kugo to bridge. When we were inside that energy cloud, the warp core stoped fluxuation.
Daniel: What are you saying? We should go back into it, and then it will stop fluxuating?
*Kugo: Not really, but that's a good idea.

(The Pheonix-X tractored to the Jem'Hadar warship heads into the cloud again)

(On the Pheonix-X)
Ensign Dan: Oooo pretty...
Daniel: You're relieved.
*Kugo: It worked.
Night: Coo'.
Daniel: Red. Maintian speed, stay in the cloud.

(Later in the Conference room)
Night: 'Kay. We've gotta warpcore ready to explode the second we leave the cloud. All we've got is impulse power. No weapon control incase we get attacked again. A tractored Jem'Hadar warship filled with Jem'Hadar prisoners, half the our Federation officers are over there. And no communication with the Federation. Our ship is in bad shape.
Armond: The cloud prevents any further communication outside the cloud, no matter how close another ship is. Unless it comes in...
Kayl: Captian, I've been studying the cloud. I know we can find a way to contain it and have control over it. That way we can keep it on us.
Night: If we use the Jem'Hadar ship to tractor us at warp, how long do ou think it will take us to get to the worm hole?
Red: Two weeks. We also risk running into more Dominion ships. And if we do get home, we can't communicate to any one.
Daniel: I'm gonna have a talk with those Jem'Hadar. I am thier God.
Night: Kugo, what about the Transwarp core?
Kugo: No good, by the time we find out the problem, we'd already be home.
Ensign Dan: Well Captian...what now..?

Ensign Billy: Chief, did tell the Captain that it would be two weeks before we would find the problem to the core?
Kugo: Yes I did.
Billy: Well Chief, these readings show that if we adhere to the cloud, it would repair the core.
Kugo: That was the original plan. Tell me something I don't know.
Billy: Well, there was that thing with your husband, but that is another story-- Like I was saying, the cloud is the solution to the core.
Kugo: Ohhhhh. I get it. Chief to the Captain. I found--
Billy: AHEMmmmm.
Kugo: Ensign, is there something wrong with your throat? If you need to, you have permission to go to sick bay. Anyways, like I was saying. I found the solution to the core problem. The key is the cloud. Our systems are okay with the cloud because of the interdimensional pull of the cloud to the core. It
seems that the cloud is compatible with the core technology. It seems like they are from the same origin. The plan is to integrate the cloud to the core. That would stabilize the systems.
*Daniel: Does that mean that we will be like normal, but even better?
Kugo: Yes Captain.
*Daniel: Get on it then. Oh...and...Kugo, good work.
Kugo: Thanks.
*Daniel: Captain out.

(On the Bridge)
Daniel: Okay Commander, I'm beamming over to the Jem'Hadar ship. Since we have no weapons, make sure all personal is armed. You never know what is going to happen. You have the Bridge.
Night: Okay Captain. Understood.
Daniel: Armond, I want you and three teams of Walace's Security to come with
us armed. Have the third team start the transport of prisoners to the brig. Put Kayl in charge of that. She needs something to do.
Armond: Understood Captain.
Daniel: BOB and Captain Aeris is with me.
Armond: Awwwman. We have to go with Aeris. She is so lazy.
Aeris: Uh! The nerve.
Armond: What about them. Wanna see em'? I'll pop them out for you.
Daniel: You two, stop at this nano second.
Aeris: Oooooo, you stopped in two nano seconds.
Armond: Shut your face.
Daniel: I said be quiet.
(All assigned personal go to the Transporter rooms and beam to the Jem'Hadar ship. Meanwhile, Kugo and Billy get to work on a device that will be able to absorb the cloud through a vacuum.)

(On the Jem'Hadar ship.)
Daniel: Good work Walace.
Walace: Thanks Captain. Nice to see you.
Daniel: Yeah. Okay Helm, maintain course to the Alpha Quadrant. Captain to third security team, begin beamming over prisoners. I'll talk to them when I get back to the ship. Captain out.
BOB: Did you have to yell?

(On the Jem'Hadar Warship)
(Four Federation Gaurds protect the room. Captian stands in front of one of the holding cells, and addresses the Jem'Hadar)
Daniel: ...Well? Aren't you going to bow before me?
Jem'Hadar First: Are you serious...? You're a traitor.
Jem'Hadar Second: It is a shame. But maybe it is the will of the Founders...never-the-less...
(Second bows)
Jem'Hadar First: We honour the Founders.
(First bows, then the rest of the prisoners in the holding cells bows)
Jem'Hadar First: Victory is life. ...And...May I ask what will become of us?
Daniel: It is most likely you will be permanet prisoners of the Federation. But there are many other things such as community work for you to do.
Jem'Hadar First: ...As I was saying... You do honour us with your presence, but only as a Founder. And we will not sit around as prisoners of the Federation and do...community work.
Daniel: Really? Then I guess you're planning to escape us?
Jem'Hadar First: Not preciesly. As I was saying...Victory is life. And we have not been victorious.

(On the Pheonix-X)
(Ready room)
Night: ...What?
Daniel: Right in front of me. They all committed suicide. There were 135 Jem'Hadar on that ship...now they're all dead.
Night: What about the ones we got in the brig?
Daniel: ...Dead too. Maybe it's my fault...
Night: We found their Vorta. If you wanna talk to her, she's in the brig.

(In the Brig)
Dawn: ...All my life's work... the hours I spent at the Academy...
Gast: Your life's work? What about mine?? I had a planet all to myself...with those beutiful creatures...
Kotah: Oh shut up! I've had enough. All I want, is to have some peace and quiet for the rest of our journey...
Gast: Rest of our journey? There won't be a 'rest of our journey', we're most likely going to die from either a warp core overload or an attack by one of this person's people!
Kotah: Well then let's treasure our last days quietly!!
Feylou: It's true. We will be destroyed by the Dominion. For my sake...I hope it's soon.
Kotah: What is that supposed to mean? You don't like my company. Well you can just kiss my--
(Captian enters)
Daniel: As I see it, we've certianly have our collection of prisoners.
Kotah: Yeah, and I have my own colle--
Daniel: Oh shut up and rest.
Feylou: A little on the touchy side, are we?
Daniel: Don't start with me.
Feylou: My most sincere apologies, I ment no disrespect.
(Feylou bows)
Daniel: I want to talk to you about your men.
Feylou: Yes I've heard. But I'd say it's an hounorable death.
Kotah: Klingons?
Feylou: Jem'Hadar.
Kotah: Whoa, they're so much alike.
Daniel: Do you think they all died because they found out that I work for Starfleet?
Feylou: I'd say that might've been half the reason. With all due respect. Is this why you came all the way down here? I'd think you are too busy--
Daniel: --No. I also want to talk to you about reinforcements coming for you, access to some systems of your ship, and what to do with you.

(In the Messhall)
Heelix: Your apple juice and your ractageno.
Billy: Thanks.
BOB: Thank you.
Billy: Anyways, we've figured out how to harness the newly discovered anti-matter...that big cloud. We just don't know how to get it into the warpcore.
Heelix: But I thought you had a device built already to vacume the cloud?
Billy: We did. But we ran into a problem. To use it, we'd have to use anti-gravaton sheets. But that interferes with the ships' shields...and my stomach.
BOB: Wow... That's amazing.
Billy: You're a very unusual Ferengi. I've never met one like you before. You're not all wrapped up in profit and latinum.
BOB: Oh I am. But it's not as interesting as working with the warpcore.
(Heelix leaves)
BOB: Well, we'll be home in about a week the rate you're going.
Billy: You sound unhappy.
BOB: My time served on this ship is at an end, I've given all the info on the Jem'Hadar I know. When we get back. I recieve a couple bricks of latinum and sent on my way.
Billy: That's good.
BOB: Not really. I've got nowhere to go next. I already tried applying at a Ferengi bar at Deep Space 9, but I still am rejected.
Billy: Well...if you've got nowhere to go....why don't you stay here?
BOB: What? Stow away? No way.
Billy: No, join the Federation.
BOB: Join the Federation?
Billy: Yeah, take courses in Engineering. You might get lucky with the Captian, he might let you stay on board as Acting Ensign. That way you can stay with the Engineering crew, we'll teach you the ways. Kayl, Maxy, Gewdeque, Dawn--oh he's gone...Kugo...
BOB: The United Federation of Planets. Sounds good. Where do I sign up?

(On the Bridge)
Armond: The tractor beam is starting to drain power.
Night: Is there any way to compensate?
Armond: Negetive.
Aeris: If you let go of the Jem'Hadar Warship, it'll go towards us. And I don't think we want a collision.
Night: Agreed.
Red: There's not enough space to move out of the way. To do so, we must leave the energy cloud.
Night: Gotens to Engineering. How are things?
Kugo: Not progressing Commander.
Night: Damn. Armond, how many people are on the Jem'Hadar ship?
Armond: 34.
Night: Transporter room.
*Kayl: This is Transporter room.
Night: Stand by from the Jem'Hadar ship to start beaming people over.
*Kayl: Ey' Commander.
Night: Gotens to Walace.
(Walace on the Jem'Hadar Warship goes on screen the bridge)
*Walace: Uhhh...yeah?
Night: We're running into problems. I need everyone back on the Pheonix-X.
*Walace: Ey' sir. Walace out.
Night: Gotens to Captian.
*Daniel: Daniel here.
Night: We've gotta problem.
*Daniel: ...Of course we do.

(In the Conference Room)
(BOB enters)
Daniel: BOB, thanks for coming. Now, be seated.
BOB: Thank you.
Daniel: Options.
Red: We could board the Warship and control it from there.
Night: Thier controls are a lot different than Federation.
Red: I believe I could handle it.
BOB: I don't think the Jem'Hadar would leave the ship free to drive.
Daniel: What do you mean?
BOB: I'm pretty sure there's an ecryption lock preventing specifically us, from being able to control thier ship.
Night: Sounds possible.
Daniel: ...Options?
Kugo: I might be able to break it. But it'd take a while. As in a lot of days.
Aeris: We could get it outta the Vorta.
Armond: She might not just hand it over.
Aeris: How would you know? The Captian's one of his 'God's', she might do what he says.
Armond: He's the enemy.
Daniel: Enough. I'm more afraid he might commit suicide.
Night: We're running outta time.
Armond: True, the tractor beam is going to give way. I can keep it up for another couple of days, but that would mean shutting down most systems on the ship.
BOB: Tractor beams...
Daniel: What about the warpdrive, how's that going?
Kugo: Not good.
Daniel: I've heard that one before.
Kugo: Our first plan did not work.
BOB: Waitaminute. What if we tractor beam the anti-matter?
Kayl: We have nothing to lock onto.
Night: We can lock onto parts of the cloud where the anti-matter are closer together.
Kugo: It might mean we have to change some things on the tractor beam, but I think I can do it.
Daniel: No. I want you to work on the Jem'Hadar Warship. Armond, you get to work with BOB on the tractor beams.
Night: What about the warpcore, someone has to monitor that.
Aeris: I can do that. I have Enginering experience. And Commaner, I believe you do too.
Night: Oh yeah. I've worked with Captian Aeris before in Engineering.
Daniel: Agreed. Commander and Captian Aeris, you monitor the warpdrive with Lieutenat Commander Armond and BOB. Kayl, you monitor ship changes in both ours and the Jem'Hadar's, make decisions on what system to shut down.
Kugo: Captian, if they fail with the tractor beam, and I can't get the lock--
Daniel: I know, I'll talk to the Vorta. We've got three things goin' on here. If Lieutenant Kugo and I happen to get the lock. I still want the rest of you working on the tractor beam. Dismissed.
(Everyone gets up to leave)
BOB: Captian...may I talk to you for a sec?
Daniel: ...Sure. What is it, BOB?
BOB: Uhhh......I was wonderin'......
Daniel: Okay, out with it BOB.
BOB: I was wondering after all of this, if I can stay on your ship. I know I have to take some classes at the Academy, but I am willing to work hard for those. I just want to stay on this ship.
Daniel: I see you thought about this for a while.
BOB: Yes I have sir.
Daniel: Very well. I will consider your stay on this ship. After all, 2 bars of Latinum is nothing to spare is it?
BOB: What?
Daniel: Just kidding. It's a little Ferengi humor.
BOB: Uhhhh.....okay.
Daniel: If that is all, you are dismissed.

(In Engineering, Aeris and the Commander monitor the warp core. Kayl is at a control station monitoring ship changes. Kugo on the Jem'Hadar Warship tries to break the encryption code. Armond and BOB work on the works on the Tractor beams.)

(In Engineering)
Aeris: How boring.
Night: Ditto. I feel like drawing.
Aeris: Oh okay, here's a tri-corder.

(On the Bridge)
Kayl: Let's see. I can shut down this.
*Heelix: Heelix to Engineering, my stove just turned off and it won't turn on.
Kayl: Opps. Kayl here, I'm turning them on right now. Sorry for the inconvinience. Kayl out. I'll never do that again. Let's see, I'll need a little power to the tractor beam. Looks like someone is using a Holoprogram. "Cat's of the Savannah" Program. Awwwww. That sounds cute. I don't think this
person needs the safties on. I'll just take the power from there.

(In Engineering)
Armond: Okay, we need to calibrate the diletheum matrix to the junction of the terrafelium conduit.
BOB: Uhhhh....okay. I'll just supervise while you do your thing. ::I'll be doing this?::
Armond: Okay, whatever suits you. It's a real simple procedure.

(Later in Sickbay, the door opens and Ensign Tom walks in)
Tom: Doctor, I need your help. I was attacked by a Lion in the Holosuite. I thought I had the safties on.
Doctor: Come this way. Sit on the bed. This regiment will make you feel better. By the way, what was the program's name?
Tom: "Cat's of the Savannah".

Armond: Awright, yeah! Wohoo!
BOB: Do something good?
Armond: I got all the alterations I needed to get done...Okay, now I need to focus the tractor beam on some subspace frequency...
BOB: Well...the energy cloud is giving off an anti-high decibel at, I'd say 5 quarts...
Armond: That's simple. Then the focus is at this frequency...
(Armond electrifies a focus hold under the control panel, and presses a couple buttons on top)

(In the Brig)
Daniel: But I thought you--
Feylou: You are still part of the Federation and I'm still part of the Dominion. You have a lot to learn about religious and political relations. You are getting that encryption code.
Daniel: It doesn't matter, I'm going to get it anyway! My Chief Engineer is busy on your ship breaking your code. The only difference is, she might not get it in time.
Feylou: Ha! Ha! Ha! You're trying to break the code? Ha! Ha! Ha!
(Feylou continues laughing)
Daniel: I hope Starfleet puts you in a waste disposal centre.
(Captian leaves)

(On the Jem'Hadar Warship)
Kugo: I've almost got it...

(On the Pheonix-X)
Kayl: Oh no...the tractor beam is weakening.
(In Engineering)
*Kayl: Kayl to Commander Gotens. The tractor beam to the ship is weakening, I estimate another few minutes 'till impact.
Armond: Commander, I'm ready to engage tractor beam to the energy cloud.
Night: Okay, hurry up.

(On Jem'Hadar Warship)
Kugo: Got it! Kugo to Pheonix-X I--
(Control panel beeps)

(Two Jem'Hadar ships arrive outside the energy cloud)(They start firing on the energy cloud)(The energy cloud starts gaining electrons and lightning that constantly starts hitting the Pheonix-X and the Jem'Hadar Warship)

(On the Pheonix-X)
Aeris: The tractor beam is recieveing some of the anti-matter... Almost have enough...
Night: I'll be on the Bridge.

(On the Bridge)
Daniel: Transport Chief Kugo back to the ship.
(Commander enters from turbolift)
Daniel: She broke into a homing signal, they were already looking for the ship, that's why they got here so fast.
Night: Gotens to Engineering, do we have Transwarp yet?
*Armond: Not yet, another few minutes and we'll have this anti matter harnested.
Kayl: Tractor beam disengaged from the Warship.

(Jem'Hadar Warship starts hovering closer to the Pheonix-X)

Night: We've got impulse power?
Kayl: Affirmative.
Daniel: Take us out of the cloud.
Kayl: But sir--
Daniel: Take us out Lieutenant.
Kayl: Ey' Captian.

(Pheonix-X speeds out head first)
(The cloud overloads with torpedo shots from the other Jem'Hadar ships and explodes with the Jem'Hadar Warship inside)

(On the Pheonix-X)
Daniel: All stop.
Night: Do we have Transwarp yet?
*Armond: Negetive. Another minute...
Daniel: Well we'll just have to fight...
Night: I just remembered. We still don't have weapon control.
Daniel: What? Now you tell me.

(The two Jem'Hadar ships start firing on the Pheonix-X)

(On the first Jem'Hadar ship)
Two Hundered Forty Ninth: They're hailing us.
Vorta: Open channel.
*Daniel: Are you so sure you want to do this? I am a one of your Founders.
Vorta: We know, we've been debriefed. This is a suicide mission. Once you are destroyed my men plan to kill themselves. Fire again.

(On the Pheonix-X)
(Ship shakes)
Daniel: Another suicide...? Agian it'll be my fault.
(The Jem'Hadar on screen look at eachother bewildered)(The screen goes off)
Red: Captian, with all due respect, they won't be the only ones to die from this battle.
Daniel: You're right. It's we all die, or we all don't. Options?
Night: Prisoner exchange.
Daniel: No! Multi-vector mode!
Night: What good is that gonna do?
Daniel: Computer, initiate multi vector seperation. Attack sequence Omega.

(The ship separates to three.)

(On Jem'Hadar ship)
Vorta: Their ship is separating into three...?

(Pheonix-X vectors start circulating around the Jem'Hadar warship)

(On Jem'Hadar ship)
Vorta: Oookay...
Two Hundered Forty Ninth: I can't get a clear lock on any one of them!

(On the Pheonix-X)
Night: Are you feeling deja-vu too?
Red: They are retreating!

(The two ships leave)

(On the Pheonix-X)
Night: Why are they retreating?
Daniel: I don't know...
Night: I'm pretty sure they would've at least tried to collide with us.
Daniel: ...Yeah...
BOB: Maybe the Vorta didn't want to die like the Jem'Hadar's did.
Night: Or maybe they finally decided that it was too much for them to kill a god.
Daniel: Or maybe...it was because, they knew, I didn't want them to die...
*Armond: Lieutenant Commander Armond to Bridge. We've got Transwarp.
Daniel: Excellent. Red, set a course for home...maximum transwarp. Engage.

(Ship leaves in maximum warp)