Episode 1A

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
The Tiloniam System

(Somewhere in the Tiloniam System, on a shuttle craft from the U.S.S. Xena)
Ensign Dan: Okay, lets get outta here.
Gotens: Good idea. We'll rendezvous with the ship in 10 minutes. Warp two....lets make that four...
Ensign Dan: Are you sure you know what your doing?
Gotens: Trust me.
(The shuttle craft goes warp speed)

(On the Phoenix, as it just happens to be passing by)
Daniel: Hey, a shuttle craft. Hail them.
Armond: Yes sir.
Daniel: Greetings. I am an Admiral. That's all you need to know, so respond now or else.
Armond: Sorry, sir they've jumped to warp.

(On the shuttle craft)
Ensign Dan: Sir, a federation vessel.
Gotens: Really? Here?
Ensign Dan: It's the Phoenix, sir.
Gotens: Full stop.
(The shuttle craft drops out of warp)
Gotens: Where's the Phoenix?
Ensign Dan: It seems we stopped to late. They're out of sensor's range.
Gotens: Well there's a fine mistake.
Ensign Dan: We're getting a message.
Gotens: On screen.
Ensign Dan: It's coming in lagged from some kind of interference.
Gotens: Okay, let's hear it.
#Daniel: Greetings. I am an Admiral. That's all you need to know, so respond now or else.
Gotens: I recognize that voice. Well, looks like Daniel got his way after all.
Ensign Dan: Sir?
Gotens: He's an Admiral, flying a Federation vessel. I never thought he'd get his way...heh, heh...
Ensign Dan: You know him?
Gotens: Yup, I met him about 82 years ago... At a Federation Eelstock Convention, I think at Flortarios III. He was only a Lieutenant, and I was in my fourth host so he shouldn't remember me. He always gets his way with the Federation.
(The Phoenix catches up)
Ensign Dan: It's the Phoenix sir, they're hailing us.
Gotens: On screen...
>Daniel: How come you ignored my hail the first time? We detected no malfunction in communications. If I didn't know better, you were ignoring us. Now please identify yourself. Security, I want your men to be ready to board the shuttle if they provoke us.
>Wallace: Acknowledged, Admiral.

(On the Xena)
Aeris: Where are those two?
Onegera: Captain, I'm receiving a distress signal from the U.S.S. Ixion, a fleet of Jem'Hadar attack cruisers are heading towards the location of the shuttle craft.
Aeris: ...What!?

(On the shuttle craft)
Gotens: Sorry, we have been having technical difficulties on the shuttle craft.
>Daniel: Well...
>Rock: Captain, I'm detecting Jem'Hadar attack cruisers.
Gotens: Ensign, can you confirm that?
Ensign Dan: Affirmative. I'm detecting ten Jem'Hadar ships off the port bow.

(A Jem'Hadar vessel fires torpedos on the shuttle craft)

(On the shuttle craft)
Gotens: Shields down to 20%.
Ensign Dan: One more shot and we're..... you know, not alive anymore.

(The Jem'Hadar vessel fires torpedos towards Federation shuttle craft)

(On the Phoenix)
Daniel: Transporter room, beam those two now!

(Shuttle craft is hit and explodes)

(On the Phoenix)
#Belm: We've got them.
Daniel: Okay...lets prepare battle...

(On Deep Space 9)
Sisko: Status?
Dax: The Phoenix is losing life support systems, the other two Starfleet ships have arrived there.
(Captain Sisko sips his coffee)
Sisko: Keep me up to date.

(On a Jem'Hadar ship)
Kolit: When we destroy this system, the Federation will know to be afraid of us. This is our last mission, the Founders are honoured by your sacrifice. Test our new weapon, if it works, send a subspace message back home and tell them that it works. Ready?
Mata'Katan: Ready. Lock a J-3 torpedo on the closest Federation ship.... Fire.

(Then, a J-3 torpedo is fired onto the Phoenix)
(The Phoenix suffers damage)

(On the Phoenix)
Daniel: Maxwell is not going to like what I've done to his ship.
Avery: Admiral, let's get out of here!!
Daniel: No, Commander! We will not leave the people in this system to die!
Avery: You fool!
(Suddenly a control panel explodes and knocks him to the floor)
Armond: Captain, shields down to 10%.
#Barnes: Captain, the core is experiencing multifluxuations.
Daniel: Reason?
#Barnes: It must've been that last torpedo, all the core started emitting a pink glow since then.

(On Deep Space 9)
Dax: Three ships destroyed. Captain, only one ship is firing at the Phoenix.
Sisko: What?
Dax: Six vessels are firing quantum torpedos at the star.
(Sisko stands)
Sisko: When that star explodes, it'll annialate all the planets in the system, and the three Federation ships.
Kira: The inhabitants are already beamed out of the planet.

(On the Phoenix)
Armond: I've got an idea. If we can reroute phaser anti-matter into the shield's outter shell, then any torpedo coming this way would be ricocheted.
Daniel: This is not the time for speculations.
Armond: That last torpedo hit re-stabilized shield matter-anti-matter couplings and matched them to phaser signatures. This can work.
Daniel: Seeing how that is technobabble, then you're probably right. Make it so!

(In Engineering)
Barnes: Captian, core dumped.
Ensign Dan: Now we can't go anywhere.
Barnes: Shouldn't you be on the Bridge?
Ensign Dan: Yeah, I've got some lip to give that Captian.

(On Bridge)
Armond: Ready!
Daniel: Shields!
Kayl: Shields up. One percent.... Two percent...
Armond: Reflector shields won't hold after one shot.
(The Phoenix gets fired upon)
Armond: Reflected shot.
(Phaser beam reflects and destroys the Jem'Hadar vessel)
Kayl: Shields down.
Daniel: Darn!

(In Sickbay)
Gotens: What's going on?
EMH: I don't know, they never give me any information.

(On the Xena)
Aeris: Is that the Phoenix? They look badly damaged.
Wing: Affirmative.
Aeris: Beam everyone from the Phoenix over.
#Daniel: Captian, it looks as if the star is ready to explode!
Onegera: We've almost got everybody! 20 more seconds.

(The star explodes)(The wave from the star gets closer to the Phoenix and Xena)
(A Jem'Hadar ship vaporizes in the wave)

(On the Xena)
Onegera: We've got them all.
Aeris: Helm! Warp anything! Get us outta here!
Kuri: Oh man... I can't decide... Ohh, ohh... I know, warp four!

(The wave cripples the Phoenix. The Xena goes to warp out of the system)

(On Deep Space 9, Operations)
Dax: The Xena has beamed up all passengers from the Phoenix.
(Sisko looks up)
Dax: They're on their way back here.
Kira: The star has exploded, all Jem'Hadar ships have evacuated. The Phoenix has been wrecked beyond recognition.

(On Starbase 55)
Theseus: Contact Deep Space 9.
Cloud: Admiral, what are you doing?
Theseus: This is it, Vincent.
Cloud: What is it?
Theseus: The first day of a new era.
Cloud: What are you talking about?
Theseus: Guards, by order of Starfleet Command, escort Admiral Vincent Cloud to Sickbay.
Cloud: What!? No! Let go of me!
(The two Federation gaurds grab Cloud and leave the room)
Theseus: To have his memory erased...
Captian Cid: You're going to deploy the Phoenix-X?
Theseus: Affirmative. Contact that Admiral....Admiral Daniel...Or should I say, Captain Daniel
Cid: You're demoting him?
Theseus: I'm not demoting him, Starfleet Command is.
Cid: Why?
Theseus: You'll think of a reason. Moohoohahahaha!
Cid: Oookay.
Theseus: Do it!
Cid: Yes sir.

Daniel: Captian's log, Stardate 51599-point-74. The ship has been damaged horribly, but instead of waiting for repairs I am to take command of a failed Transwarp-project ship after the closure of its project, the X-Project. Starfleet must not have wanted to put the ship to waste.

(On Deep Space 9)
Aeris: Well, Mr. Night Gotens, I'm proud to have had you as part of my crew.
Gotens: I'm proud to have been under your command.
Aeris: Good luck.

(In a room in front of the crew of the Phoenix)
Daniel: I've just received a message from Starfleet. Because Commander Night Gotens reporting my actions of interrogating him that time--
Ensign Dan: And this is not the only time Daniel has done something like this, the Federation is upset of him.
Daniel: You're relieved of duty!
Ensign Dan: But I'm not on duty.
Daniel: Then...when you go on duty, you'll be relieved!
Ensign Dan: ...Yes sir.
Daniel: With a successful plea bargain, I am to command a new Phoenix... as Captain...
Gotens: As Captain...you're not Admiral anymore?
Daniel: No...Only this ship will be different. Qualities of it are...unique. I will be very proud to command...the Phoenix-X. And I hear I should be getting a new Commander.
Ensign Dan: Sir--
Daniel: No! You're relieved!
Ensign Dan: Jeez, talking Jello.
Daniel: You're relieved too!

(With Night Gotens)
Gotens: Wait a minute, it's my fault he's demoted?
Avery: So you are the pathetic one who took my place.
Gotens: Yeah, that's right. What you gonna do about it? Huh? Huh?
Avery: I'll be watching you, Gotens. Your every mistake, fault, and scratch. When I'm done with you, your career in Starfleet will be forgotten.
(Avery walks away, leaving Gotens shocked and perplexed)

(The Phoenix-X undocks DS9)