Series 1I

Star Trek: Reloaded
Chapter 8

Torn: "Relax."
She went over to her command chair.
Torn: "I was just wondering. Besides, it looks like an accident. Well, I guess we'd better return you."
Lei, looks away: "I'm not sure I want to go back."
Torn: "Oh? If the Federation finds we have you, we're going to have to anyway."
Lei places his head down in his arms against a nearby back control deck in despair.
Torn: "We stay cloaked only because it's our nature. But we're actually on good terms with the Federation right now."
Lei, head still down: "...I can't believe I did that..."
A panel beeps.

Kelen: "We're being contacted on a secret channel."
The screen clicks on.
>Raiden: "Hi, uhh... you're the Romulans...?"
Torn: "Yes. We were told you wanted to contact our ship."
>Raiden: "I was wondering if you were interested in a trade? A Remen Weapons Initiator Array for a few Romulan Disrupter Guns...?"
Torn: "Hmm... That would greatly advance our data on the Remen's new technology... I think I may accept."
>Raiden: "Great. We'll talk later."

The screen clicks off as Lei slowly brings up his head from his arms, knowing exactly who's voice that was: "Oh my God..."

Torn hands Kelen a padd: "See if you can get a research team prepared."
Kelen, leaves: "Yes, ma'am."
Lei, walks over: "Listen, you can't do business with that guy. He might be up to something!"
Torn: "Please. I'm very busy right now."
She goes over to a console and starts working.
Lei: "He's a liar, he's a criminal! Trust me, I know him."
Torn, stops working, annoyed: "I'm beginning to think Romulan abductions are soon to be a thing of the past."
Lei: "Let me talk to him. He didn't see me that time."
Torn: "Ugh. Brax! Take this Human to the Brig for the time being. I don't trust him."
Brax walks over, aiming his disrupter pistol: "Mhm."

He pushes Lei with it, getting Lei to start walking for the back door.
Lei, hands up: "Please listen to me—!"
They pass through the door and go out into the hallway as Brax is behind.
Brax: "Move it!"
Lei decides to think fast. He swings his body and leg around, snatching the held disrupter away with his foot, and slamming his foot and the disrupter up against the wall.
Brax: "Huh!!"
Lei releases the pressure, letting the disrupter fall to the floor as he swings his foot even higher around to hit Brax across his face.
Brax, loses balance smashing against the other wall: "Uff! —You pesky little human!"
Lei gets his footing and kneels, picking up the disrupter. He aims it at Brax.
Lei: "Don't even think about it!"
Brax is leaning against the wall with his weight, slowly falling. Lei spins around kicking Brax across his face one more time, knocking him out. Brax hits the floor: "Ugh..."

Lei starts running silently through the halls like he was trained. He hides behind a corner as two Romulans casually walk by.
Lei: "Damn! I have to get out here."
He looks to the side.
Lei: "I have to find Raiden somehow."

One of the Romulan's turns his head, seeing Lei.
Clen: "Hey!"
Lei sees that they've spotted him and sprints for it. He runs down another hallway.
Lei: "Argh! There's always a chase!"
He stops before two other Romulan's who are holding disrupters at him.
Thane: "Freeze."
Lei: "Uh yeah, let me think about that for a second..."
He pulls up his disrupter and blasts a shot at Thane. Thane dodges to the right as the disrupter pulse hits the wall, and Thane returns fire.
Lei: "Ergh!"
Lei dives to the side as the return shot hits a corner, and Lei has dived through doors into a medical room.

About four Romulans are surrounding and interrogating a clump of slowly moving mud on a medical bed. The mud is really a liquefied Changeling under anti-shapeshifting emitters.

Lei, gets up: "What the hell is this?"
Derk: "Intruder alert!"
Lei pulls his disrupter at them in fear, but three other Romulans from the hallway burst into the room aiming thier pistols.
Clen: "Now we've got you..."
Lei blasts a disrupter pulse at them, while diving behind a computer frame. The pulse misses the Romulan's as the Romulan's return fire, but hit the computer frame by accident.
Everyone fires weapons as the other Interrogator Romulan's hide behind the medical bed. The Changeling tries moving its protoplasm in depression: "Ugghh..."
An anti-shapeshifting array, sticks out from the computer frame on an arm, aiming its giant head at the Medical Bed. Lei sees this set up and jumps onto the giant anti-shapeshifting array, circling around.
Lei, hiding behind the large array, cricles it around the room towards the firing Romulans, smacking it into them: "Hahaha!"
The kneeling Romulans fall back clumsily, as Lei drops off the array letting the arm pull it back across the room, so it smacks into the other Interrogator Romulans.
Derk, falls back clumsily: "Ooof!! Augh! That stupid human!"

The Changeling starts shapeshifting a little easier now.
Krone: "Eerrhhh..."
Lei: "What the hell are you?"

The other security Romulans from behind get their footing and start blasting disrupter pulses at them. Lei and Krone dive out of the way as a chaos of disrupter pulses fly through the room. Walls and consoles are hit, sending pieces flying.

Lei hides behind a computer frame, with the Romulan interrogators who are frightened.
Derk: "You let him go, you idiot!"
Saine: "Now we're all doomed!"
Lei: "Huh...? Shut the hell up!"
He aims his disrupter at them and they shut up in fear.

The large Changeling liquid pours around the floor, dodging incoming pulses. It meets up with Lei.
Krone: "Thank you for saving me."
Lei: "Oh. Don't mention it."
A disrupter pulse nicks the computer frame.
Lei, tries to make conversation: "So... What brings you to one of these abductions?"
The liquid just sits there. This is obviously not the time for conversation, as one of the computers in the corner explode.
Lei, shields face from debris: "Why aren't you answering me? That's really rude you know."
Krone: "...Uhh... Perhaps we should escape this vessel. I have a ship in the Shuttle Bay."
Lei: "Great idea!"
Lei gets up, running for the door while dodging pulses and returning fire. The Changeling follows in liquid form along the floor, as they make it out into another hallway.

Krone: "This way."
The Changeling is far enough from the array now and shapeshifts into a human being. He starts running as Lei follows, having awkward feelings: "What are you...?"

They approach the Shuttle Bay entrance doors which are locked. Krone liqufies his arms, pouring them into the cracks in the door. He hardens the liquid and pulls the doors open with his strength.
Lei: "Whoa."

They enter the wide bay, where shuttles sit. A strange structural Ship sits at the end. But suddenly, a pack of Romulans burst into the Shuttle Bay from the broken doors, firing disrupter pulses like crazy.

A pulse hits the Changeling Human, injuring it badly.
Krone, liquefies: "Ugh!"
Lei: "We have to get inside!"
The Changeling liquid creeps up the Ship's hull and accesses a panel. The back door of the Ship opens.

Lei fires three last shots and dives into the Ship. The door is hit and two Romulans are hit, sending them back.

The Changeling has already gotten inside and accesses helm controls, as the Ship starts hovering off the floor. Lei gets to the control bridge.
Lei: "What type of ship is this?"
Krone: "It's a... Dominion timeship; from the future."

As dirupter pulses rain harmlessly upon the timeship, the timeship engages impulse engines breaking out the large Shuttle Bay Doors out into space.

The timeship has broken out the cloaked Romulan Ship, and speeds around away from the Borg Sphere and the two approaching Federation Vessels from earlier.

The timeship jumps to high speeds, out of there.