Lost Episodes: Operation First Strike, Part I

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
Operation First Strike, Part I

Somewhere in deep space, the I.K.S. B'Chnah floats through mindlessly.
Menchez: "This is the life is it not? Relaxing... taking it easy... and watching the stars drift by."
Derok: "Foolishness! We are supposed to be Klingon Warriors!!!"
Menchez: "I am the Captain and you will do as I say!!! Now relax and take it easy!!"
Derok: "Very well sir! But I will not untense my muscles..."
Menchez: "That is your descision. But know that you will have back problems later on in life."
Derok: "I will consider heeding your information at a later time. The previous sentence has been logged away in my memory to be queued for possible reviewal."

Just then, a giant, enormus, really big Planet shimmers right before the Vorcha-class ship. Captain Menchez almost falls out of his chair in complete shock!

Menchez: Cough-- Ackkk-- Spitttt-- Splurrr--- "What the hell is that?? Raise shields! Arm the torpedoes!"
Ch'Tong: "Captain, you do not mean for us to take on an entire planet?"
Menchez: "That is exactly as I mean. Now fire torpedoes!!!!!!!"
Kent: "Sir, I'm reading powerful energy signatures. There are futuristic Starships flying around the planet."
Menchez: "Future?? How much future??"
Kent: "From what I can tell... possibly 39th Century future."
Menchez: "FIRE TORPEDOES!!!!!!!"
Ch'Tong: "But won't they destroy us easily? I mean, we are native to the Century we're actually in right now - 24th."
Menchez: "Then turn the ship around! We must tell the Federation about this immediately."
Derok: "The Federation? But we are a Klingon vessel..."
Menchez: "Oh wake up, Derok. We Klingons are completely useless! Now set a course for Earth and engage at maximum Warp!"

The B'Chnah rotates in space, and jumps to Warp - leaving the 39th Century planet and Starships behind. Back on Earth, Starfleet Command is immediately notified of these changes in events.

Cloud: "You may want to look at this."
He hands over a padd.
Brackett: "Dear God... has the universe gone mad?"
Cloud: "What are we going to do? Should we send the Enterpise for a first contact? The U.S.S. Voyager? The Titan???"
Brackett: "No. There's only one vessel that can handle this. Only one ship that we'd be willing to sacrifice to the dogs of complete savagry..."
Cloud: "...the Phoenix-X."
Brackett: "Indeed."
She walks over to the window.
Brackett: "Send out the guinea pigs."

Later, the U.S.S. Phoenix-X treks through space. It isn't long before they are notified of thier mission, and are ordered to alter course for the 39th Century planet.
Cell: "Red, engage at Transwarp."
Red: "Aye sir."
Seifer, enters: "Hey guys. What's going on?"
Cell: "We've just gotten word from Starfleet, that a planet from the 39th Century has arrived in our Quadrant."
Seifer: "39th Century? That sounds so familliar..."
Cell: "It was actually six years ago that we were time-travelled to that Century, where we witnessed the Klokian Homeworld disappearing out of that time-frame."
Seifer: "And yet it seems like yesterday."
RaeLuna: "The Klokians!? You don't think that they...?"
Cell: "That they're back? Yes I do. They showed up two years ago in Timeships, but were each held back or destroyed by the omni'X. It could be that thier endeavours aren't necessarily a return, but the same efforts we encountered at both those occassians."
RaeLuna: "Time is no factor for the Klokian."
Ensign Dan: "Wait a sec. Aren't you a Klokian??"
RaeLuna: "I'm half Klokian! My mother was Human... you remember Kayl, don't you? She was your superior officer?"
Ensign Dan: "Oh yeah. She was also my superior intellectual."
Cell: "You know, in the whole time I've known you, RaeLuna, I've been thankful that you haven't attempted to shake my hand or pat me on the back."
Seifer: "That's cold, Captain. A true friend is free to congratulate the other."
Cell: "It's not that. It's just that a Klokian's skin is so thick and leathal that it harms an omnipotent being... myself being an omni'X."
Ensign Dan, grumbles: "Not to mention a Changeling..."
Cell: "You're relieved!!!"
Ensign Dan: "So early?? Damn it all to heck!"
He walks off the Bridge.
RaeLuna: "I have always known of the danger I was to you, Captain, and have never desired to test it."
Seifer: "Yet, you excerise the danger you have towards men on a daily bases."
RaeLuna, clenches her fist: "Which reminds me, that you're next!"
Seifer backs away and then runs off in fear.
Cell: "He'll be back."
RaeLuna: "I just hope we figure out a way to deal with these Klokians. They are... at the moment... the greatest enemy to the Federation and the omni'X."

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