Lost Episodes: Introduction to the Ship

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
Introduction to the Ship

Somewhere deep within the dark levels of an underground building, are two Section 31 Agents - they meet with grave eyes.

Nelkast: “It’s good of you to meet me, Agent Jimmy.”
Jimmy: “Thanks, mister!”
Nelkast: “Uh... yes... Let’s get on with this. Your mission is a simple one. You are to survey one of our Starfleet ships. They are one of us, but also... one of them.”
Jimmy: “When you asked me to join Section 31, I didn’t realize it would be full of excitement!”
Nelkast: “Let’s get one thing straight - you are too full of energy. If you are to be one of us, you must subdue your personality. It is... how you say... annoying? As a start of things, I will slap you across the face.”
The Agent, Nelkast, slaps Jimmy across the face in horror!
Jimmy: “Ah!”
Little Jimmy begins to form a tear. But he conjures up the strength to hold it back, and keep in his emotions. He has finally learned what it is to be Section 31.
Nelkast: “You’ve proven yourself worthy. Now go!”

Agent Jimmy nods and runs off. Two weeks later, the Runabout Avatar meets with the starship Phoenix-X.

#Cell: “Captain’s Log, Stardate 59763.5 - the ship has been ordered to meet with a Runabout going by the name, Avatar. It has come to my attention that the Runabout contains a Section 31 Agent who is to be surveying the ship and crew. I lost my pants the other day, and a dog ate the crew manifest.”

Sometime after the Shuttle docks, Captain Cell enters the Shuttle Bay to meet the Agent.
Cell: “Greetings. I am the Captain of this derelict vessel.”
Jimmy: “Why does your ship have an extra ‘X’ in its title? If my memory serves me, there is already a vessel called the Phoenix in service.”
Cell: “You know, everyone always asks that question. And this is pretty much what I tell them - MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!”
Jimmy: “Ahhh!”
Cell: “Sorry I get like that sometimes. You’ll get used to it... or you’ll kill yourself.”
Jimmy: “Section 31 is no joke, Captain. You work for us, and we don’t condone yelling.”
Cell: “What about the screaming pains of your tortured victims?”
Jimmy: “They’re a different case. --Now, according to my padd, I am to survey all your odd technologies.”
Cell: “For that, I’d like to introduce you to my Chief Engineer.”
Jimmy: “Why? Is your Engineer odd? Is that why you want to introduce me? Why, Captain? Why???”
Cell: “No..... I just... thought... you’d like to meet new people....”

They make their way to Engineering, where Lieutenant Commander Kugo is working on the engines.

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