Lost Episodes: Green Blood

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
Green Blood

The Phoenix-X sits in space, watching the plasma-fireworks of Keldore Prime. The magnificent display is shown on-screen of the Bridge.
Ensign Dan: “Ooooh. It looks so pretty...”
Cell: “You’re relieved!”
Seifer: “Hey, why are we watching this anyway?”
Cell: “We promised Kugo that we’d come here for her birthday.”
Seifer: “Oh no! It’s her birthday??”
He just stands there.
Cell: “Well, aren’t you going to continue panicking?”
Seifer: “Nah.”

Suddenly, Kugo enters the Bridge. She is suddenly filled with happiness at the sight of the subspace plasma-fireworks on-screen.
Kugo: “Oh thank you Captain!”
Cell: “No problem, Kugo.”
Everyone else feels awkward for not getting her a gift.
Seifer: “Um, well I have to go now--”
Amp, stands up: “Yeah me too...”
Cell: “Hold it! You guys are my Bridge crew. You have to stay here and deal with all my intergalactic problems for me.”
RaeLuna: “Captain, I’m picking up a signal from a Federation Relay Station.”
Cell: “See? Just like that one. Now get back to work!”
Seifer and Amp return to their seats.
RaeLuna: “The Relay Station is picking up readings of Romulan Signatures in the Neutral Zone.”
Kugo: “The Neutral Zone? The Romulans haven’t stirred up any trouble since the time they fought side-by-side with us against a common enemy.”
RaeLuna: “Then that would be... not-trouble.”
Kugo: “With the Romulans, it’s always trouble.”
RaeLuna: “Aren’t you Romulan?”
Kugo: “I have to go now.”
She leaves the Bridge.

The Phoenix-X enters Transwarp, and then drops it when they approach the Relay Station. In the distance is the sight of a Romulan Vessel... crashed against a drifting Asteroid.

Captain Cell sits with Omega in 10-Forward at a table.
Omega: “I wish to remain on your crew.”
Cell: “Look. We can’t just keep picking up strangers and letting them join our crew. We’ve allowed far too many people that luxury.”
Omega: “But I am proficient in many android abilities... I can destroy things!”
Cell: “That’s a good quality. But if you really want to join, then you have to act like you don’t want to join. Then we’ll all want you to join. Get it?”
Omega: “Hmm. I see now.”
#Seifer: “Seifer to Cell. We’ve arrived at the Neutral Zone... the Zone of Neutrality!! Oh yeah!!”
Cell, taps his commbadge: “On my way.”

The Captain enters the Bridge, where he sees the partially destroyed Romulan Warbird and Asteroid on-screen.
RaeLuna: “This vessel identifies itself as the Caterina...”
Amp: “So? Who cares. Let’s just destroy it!”
Cell: “Wait! The Caterina? That’s the vessel of Captain Tressa.”
Seifer: “She’s the undercover operator for the Romulan Empire, just the same way we are for the Federation.”
Amp: “What!? Where!?”
Cell: “Right there, on-screen!”
Amp: “Oh sure. Now you say so... But are they really? Think about it.”
He turns and takes another look on-screen.
Amp: “Well what do you know? They are.”
Cell: “RaeLuna, are there any survivors?”
RaeLuna: “Scans indicate 90-percent of their crew is still alive. Their ship is still intact.”
Cell: “Hail them.”

The view of the Phoenix-X’s Bridge clicks on-screen inside the Bridge of the Caterina. There, Tressa brings up her achining head to see it.
Tressa: “Huh? Captain...?”
>Cell: “Well, well, well. What do we have here?”
Tressa: “What are you talking about? No one has anything here!”
>Cell: “It’s just a figure of speech! We picked up your signal, and it looks like you guys drifted into Federation space.”
Tressa: “What kind of figure of speech is that??”
>Cell: “No! That’s what really happened. You drifted into Federation space!”
Tressa: “Oh, right.”
>Cell: “May we be of any assistance?”

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