Lost Episodes: Same Business

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
Same Business

The chime to the Captian's Ready Room goes off, as Cell allows the person to enter.
Cell: "Come in."
Seifer, approaches: "Captian, you've been in here for the past three days. The crew is beggining to get worried about you."
Cell: "Are they? Or is it that they just don't trust me?"
Seifer: "What are you talking about?"
Cell: "Admit it. The crew doesn't trust a Changeling as thier Captian."
Seifer: "Who's to trust nowadays? My advice to people is just to follow anyone at anytime for no reason whatsoever."
Cell: "So it's true! I've been in command of this crew for seven years and you all still don't trust me."
Seifer: "Seven years?? Oh man, I need some major plastic surgury! I'll be right back."
He leaves the Ready Room and the Captian to his thoughts. But they're interrupted by a Red Alert.

Captian Cell enters the Bridge.
RaeLuna: "It's nothing important. The computer synched up with the

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