Episode 18

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
The X Continuum

(The U.S.S. Phoenix-X is at all-stop, examining an anomalous nebula. The nebula is having degrading effects on the ship.)

(On the Bridge)
Gotens: Captain, there are reports of fires in the mess hall.
Red: Impulse engines are offline, and we can't make a stable enough warp field in this nebula.
(Stations spark and erupt. The ship shakes violently)
Gewdeque: We have multiple hull breaches. Initiating containment fields now. Deck 7 has lost gravity control. Captain, life support is down to 30% operational.
Daniel: Wallace, scan for the nearest Federation vessel.
Wallace: The Enterprise is about to passing through.
Daniel: Send a distress call on an emergency channel.
Wallace: Done.

(On the Enterprise. Bridge)
Perim: Commander, I'm picking up a distress beacon emanating from a nebula about a light year away. There's heavy distortion in that area. Can't get a proper sensor sweep. It's has a.... Starfleet signature.
Data: Ensign, set a course to intercept. Captain to the bridge. Doctor, be prepared for injured.

(The Enterprise cuts through space to intercept. They finally arrive on the outside of the nebula)

(On the Enterprise. Bridge)
Data: Captain, it's the Pheonix-X. They are damaged. The nebula seems to be eating away at the ship. If they don't get out of there, they'll be destroyed in moments.
Picard: Get a tractor beam on them and pull them out.
Data: Tractor beam initiated.
Perim: Reversing course at one quarter impulse.
Data: Ship is almost clear of the nebula.

(The Enterprise pulls the Phoenix-X out. The Phoenix-X lays on its side, dead in space)

(On the Enterprise. Bridge)
Picard: Phoenix-X, respond. This is the Enterprise, please respond.
(Static audio)
*Shane: Wrong room, you want the bridge.
*Daniel: Thank you Enterprise. We are in your debt.
*Gotens (whispers): Till all repairs are done.
Picard: What was that?
*Daniel: Uhhh, oh nothing...
(A slap is heard in the background)
*Daniel: I was saying, I can't wait till all my hair is done. You see, it's moulding right now in this special cap.
Picard: I see. Well, do you require any assistance?
*Daniel: There's no need for that Captain. In a few hours, the ship will be as new as before we went in that nebula.
Data: Captain, sensors show that their damaged hull is rebuilding itself.
*Daniel: Like I said, in a couple hours. We have developed a sort of self-repairing system. It is comprised of--
Picard: --Borg technology.
*Daniel: Yes. How did you know?
Picard: I can sense them somehow. Anyways. We better be on our way then if that's all. Be careful.
*Daniel: Oh we will. Thanks a lot. Phoenix-X out.

(The Enterprise jumps to warp and speeds away. Meanwhile on the Phoenix-X)
Gotens: Ow, why did you have to hit me?
Daniel: If you learn to keep your mouth shut at the proper time, maybe it wouldn't of happened. An outburst like that again, and I can have you demoted so fast, your first host will feel it. Do I make myself clear Commander?
Gotens: Uhhh-yes-of course, Captain.
Daniel: Attention all hands. This is the Captain. This ship has become more of a sort of zoo lately. And I admit, I have been letting things go. Some of you think that a great writer from the heavens wrote your stupidity. But you are wrong. Though there is a writer. That writer is called laziness. And you all have been written on. So let me make one thing clear. You either get into shape, or get off my ship. And those of you know who I am talking about. Captain out. Kugo, how are we on repairs?
Kugo: I have propulsion engines working as new. All hull breaches are sealed and the hull itself is repaired. Life support is up to 100%. As far as I know, everything is in working order. We just need to get the interior bulk heads of the ship redone. And that could take about an hour with a proper team.
Daniel: Understood. Assemble your team at once. Good job Chief.
Kugo: Yes sir. Kugo out.
Daniel: Commander, you have the bridge. I'm on my way to the Science Lab.
Gotens: Yes sir.
(The Bridge is quiet till the Captain leaves..... The turbolift doors close)
Gotens: Phew! What is his problem?
Armond: You have to admit, we have been a sort of laid back crew.
Red: You all are a pathetic excuse of a crew. It's about time the Captain did what he did.
Gotens: I'm in charge here, who do you think you are to talk to me like that?
(As the Captain goes down the the turbolift, he hears a lot of murmuring from the bridge... then there's a <<slap!>>.)
Gotens: Ow! that hurt.
Red: petaQ!
Gotens: You are relieved!
Ensign Dan: Darn!
(Ensign Dan leaves the Bridge)
Gotens: Red, I guess you are right about that pathetic thing.

(The Captain arrives in the Science Lab. Shane has joined him. They walk in hand in hand, laughing. Doctor Lox, Ensign GoyCho, and Kayl are in the Lab.)
(Everyone watches Daniel and Shane and their eyes pop out in shock of what they see.)
Daniel: What is everyone looking at?
GoyCho: Uhh, sir, you are holding hands with uhh... Shane.
(Daniel looks down and finds GoyCho correct)
Daniel: Oh, but we are just linked. Shane was communicating this great game he just played. It's faster and more efficient.
Shane: Oh, that's what we were doing.
(He looks away, disappointed)
Lox: Ummm, okayyy.
Daniel: So what do you make of that chamber we found?
(Kayl does some tri-corder scans)
Kayl: Well, it's a sort of habitat chamber of some sort. Heavily sealed. Unknown elements.
Shane: You mean something lives in that thing?
Kayl: Hold on, I'm scanning for life signs... Okay. The tricorder is picking up organic compounds. There is a... person in there?
Daniel: How can a person be in there? The thing is only 2 feet tall.
Kayl: I don't know.
Daniel: Glad we let the Enterprise on their way. So can you open it?
Kayl: There's no way. It's totally stronger than anything we can throw at it.
(While they are figuring out a way to open it, Shane simply opens the top of the chamber with a latch)
Shane: How about this latch?
Kayl: Oh. Or you can do that.
(They all look in. But as they peer in, out pops a guy who increases his size to be as tall as everyone else. As if done by magic, Ensign Dan pulls out his phaser. Everyone backs up.)
X: Ahhh, it's good to be out of that thing. It's been a while.
Daniel: I am Captain Daniel of the starship Phoenix-X. Who are you?
X: Well, Caaaptain. You can call me X.
Daniel: What are you?
Kayl: Captain, my readings show he is fully human.
Unknown: Heh, not really. Maybe you know me by my previous name. Q.
Daniel: Q!
X: No, it's X now.
Daniel: X!
X: Yep.
Daniel: What have we done? Whoa, whoa, whoa. What were you doing in there in the first place, X?
X: I was locked in there. By the other Q's. They said I was defiant. They really hated it when I changed my name. So they locked me in that chamber for all eternity.
Daniel: Like I said before, what have I done?
(Another being appears)
Q: You were always the nosy one, Daniel. Just like that Janeway of Voyager.
Daniel: I forgot about her. Wait, it's you.
Q: Yeah, it's me. But I'm not here for you Captain, or for you, Kayl. I'm here for X. I have to undo what you undid.
X: You aren't putting me back in that thing. One more step and I destroy the whole Federation.
Q: Wait, stop. Don't do that. You know how important the Federation is to the Continuum.
X: Exactly. So stay where you are. I'm not going back in that thing.
Daniel: Can't you just put the Federation right back?
Q: It's not so easy, if he destroys the Federation, it doesn't matter what I do. The Continuum will be destroyed.
Daniel: Why the Federation?
Q: The Federation is-- wait, you are not to know this. X, give up. What are you going to do? You'd only be destroying yourself. You are fighting the whole Continuum.
X: Captain, I seek asylum upon your vessel.
Q: Hahah, what's that going to do?
X: You're right. Hmmm...
Q: Face it, there's nothing else to do. Just go back in that box and everything is ok.
X: Not if I...
(X starts to glow. He holds out his hands like he is giving something away towards the Captain)
Q: No, I cannot allow this. Stop this at once.
(Q starts to advance toward X, but is thrown back with energy. X turns into a sort of energy that starts to surround Daniel. Daniel is destablizing.)
Daniel (distorted): What is happening?
(Daniel is lifted off the ground he transforms into X, then back to himself, then to X, then back.)

(Meanwhile, on the bridge.)
Wallace: Commander, sensors indicate a distortion in the science lab. It's tearing space apart, yet pulling it together.
Gotens: All stop. Bridge to science lab. Please respond.
(No answer)
Gotens: Get a security team down there. Try to beam all who is in there out to sick bay. Doctor, expect some injuries.
(Everyone except Q, Daniel, and Shane are beamed out)
Wallace: Done.

(In the Science Lab)
Shane: Hey, why didn't they beam me out?
Q: X, you musn't do this.
(Daniel flashes into his solid human form. He is lowered on the ground. Losing the glow. X is gone. He kneels on the ground with his bowed head in his hands.)
Shane: Daniel?
Daniel: I feel....I feel...
(Daniel closes his eyes and sends a sort of "feeling signal" to Shane)
Shane: Wow, what a feeling. What has happened to him? And where is X?
Q: X is gone. He has passed on his X abilities to Daniel here.
Daniel: Yes. I understand.
Shane: Can't you do anything?
Q: Nope. I can't do anything. This has never happened before. The passing of Q. Q's are immortal. We thought this could happen, but it never occurred. Who'd want to give up Q.
Daniel: X did. His abilities were only a prison for him.
Q: Well, I guess you are omnipotent now.
Shane: Amazing.
Daniel: I'm still the same. I can just outlive everyone else.
Shane: Yeah, suckers.
Q: I guess I'll catch you later. Wait till the Continuum hears about this one.
(Daniel nods in acknowledgment. Q disappears)